2018 Blogger Recognition Award Medallion

2018 Blogger Recognition Award 🥇

I was nominated by Modern Motherhood for the 2018 Blogger Recognition Award. She blogs about her life as a mom. I’m honored she selected my blog from the many choices she had. Now it’s my turn to pass the award on to 10 more blogs.

2018 Blogger Recognition Award Winners

2018 Blogger Recognition Award Medallion

James’ Health Journey Blog from a fellow Autism Spectrum Disorder mom. Follow along as she fights to help her son flourish.

Motherhood Unhinged She writes about the blessings and curses of being an FPIES mom.

Our Way of Life  Click to read about feeding tips, skin care products, recipes and allergy friendly foods.

Zip & Zen  Photo-centric account of health, wellness, and enjoying life.

Upwards Mountain Momma  A story of adventuring while homeschooling and dealing with allergies.

Confessions of a Cancer Mom  On being mom to a child fighting for their life.

Hots&Olives  Her own allergies, as well as those of here child provide a wealth of living joyfully.

Mom of No Rank  Previous guest poster and writer of zen.

Welcome to the Wiebes  A stay at home mom shares her life and awareness of FPIES.

Unschool Day  GAPS family on their unschooling journey.


The rules vary depending on which source you use. So this is my interpretation of them:
1. Write a post and include a link back to this blog. You may include the award image with credit linked to Defending Joy, or make your own.
2. Pick 10 blogs to nominate. You can set your own criteria for selection, just make sure you have a way to contact the blog owner. (If you need help finding some new bloggers to pick from, join this Facebook group, or this one)
3. Link to each of the 10 blogs in your post.
4. Pass the rules on.
5. Let the blog owner who selected you when you publish your award post.

Why participate?

The biggest reason to participate in the 2018 Blogger Recognition Award is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines identify new content online by following from one link to another, so you need links to your site. The second reason is exposure. Each blog that participates will be sharing your blog with their audience, helping you find new readers. Links to blogs with at least a little similarity to your own will be more helpful for exposure and traffic. If you want more tips about how to use this award to grow your blog, send me a message on Facebook . Congratulations, and good luck on your blogging.

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