Oral Rehydration Solution

Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) is used to maintain proper fluid and electrolyte levels in the body. there are numerous commercially available preparations. But they often contain processed sugars, dyes, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. So if you want something better, for health or allergy reasons, I have made a few recipes for you. The first two … Read more

My Story of Pregnancy After a Severely Allergic Child

Always consult with a doctor before making diet changes or starting new supplements. Getting an FPIES diagnosis is typically equal parts relieving and overwhelming. Relief, because you finally have an explanation for why your baby is so sick. Overwhelmed, because there is so much information out there, and yet so much remains unknown. There is … Read more

Safety Tip: Preventing Medication Errors

Tonight’s tip brought to you courtesy of Poison Control. If you or your child takes multiple medications that are similar in appearance, color code the bottles. This can help prevent a medication error. Medication errors occur daily in the US: https://psnet.ahrq.gov/primers/primer/23/medication-errors While many factors can contribute to medication error, in this case we identified that … Read more

Hypoallergenic Dishwasher Powder

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This is a hypoallergenic dish washer powder recipe. It is soy, coconut, and surfactant free, with no mixing required. Most dishwasher detergents have many ingredients, making it hard to find something that is both environmentally friendly and allergy friendly.

Washing Soda and Ascorbic Acid
Despite having only two ingredients and has worked very well for us. The results are comparable to a leading brand of dishwasher premium pods.
First we fill the detergent cup to the line with Vitamin C powder: Bulk Supplements Ascorbic Acid (multiple sizes available)

Step 1
Then we fill the remainder of the cup and half the pre-wash compartment with washing soda: Arm & Hammer Washing Soda

Step 2

For the rinse aid compartment we use organic distilled vinegar. But for a more powerful rinse you could use 6% cleaning vinegar: Heinz Cleaning Vinegar