Digestive Enzymes while Breastfeeding: Help for Food Intolerances

When babies are having food sensitivities via their mother’s breastmilk, in some cases a digestive enzyme can help. Pancreatic enzymes breastfeeding can break down the proteins in the mother’s diet. These smaller pieces are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction in the Infant, similar to hydrolyzed formula. The prescription enzyme Creon, taken by the mother,  has been shown to be effective at reducing blood in the infants’ stool. I tried this with my oldest and it was effective, unfortunately I had an adverse reaction to it and was unable to continue. I believe enzymes should be used in conjunction with an elimination diet, rather than instead of eliminations. If you are interested in trying Creon for your situation, please consult a doctor, as it requires a prescription. There are many over the counter enzyme options available, but its best to consult both you and your child’s doctor before starting them. If you proceed with enzymes, here are some options to consider.

Creon contains enzymes from porcupine pancreas, so this is an option that appears similar:

Since I had trouble with Creon, I have been using some different enzymes as a prevention this time. This baby is doing well, so I don’t have a way to tell how effective they are:


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