FPIES Food Survey: Version 2

The FPIES Food Survey has been a huge help to the FPIES community. Many years ago, an FPIES mom had the idea to create a Food Survey to help guide trials by risk ratio.

Now another FPIES mom has created a new survey, because it’s not easy to go back and edit old responses as kids grow and their triggers change. So her idea is to capture a new snapshot of data, and also collect some additional information, such as the age of the child at the time of the response. Click Here to take the new survey.

Here is the link to the new results. You can use the filters to sort the data in different ways. For example if your child reacts to rice, you can see only the responses from other children who don’t tolerate rice.

Finally, I have made a survey specifically for mammal milks. The results include FPIES and other types of allergies also. The goal is to look at the cross reaction rates of milk from different animals, or different types of processing.


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