Smartick Math App for Kids: Inclusive Game

We were recently introduced to a wonderful iPad app, called Smartick (also available for Android). It uses the latest research to help your child learn math in only 15 minutes a day. It says on their website “Our proprietary artificial intelligence adapts to your child’s learning style”. This means no matter what level your child is at, or how fast they learn, this app will move at their pace. It’s fun and engaging, which keeps them coming back. So thankful to do math without a battle.

Smartick is really great for any child, including reluctant learners and children with special needs. They have designed it to be inlusive for It includes enough reinforcement to make the app fun, and the responsive AI means the problems presented are neither too hard, nor too easy. The target age range for the app is 4-14. When you set up the profile you have the ability to specify any needs your child has (or you can leave it blank if you prefer or its not applicable). The app is free to download on iPad or android tablets, and the free trial lasts 15 days. That’s enough time to decide if it’s a good value for your family.

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Smartick lists an excellent improvement rate for their clients.


Here you can see the options available when you set up a profile. As you can see there are quite a few options to identify any learning differences your child has. If what you need is not listed, select Other.

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