My Story of Pregnancy After a Severely Allergic Child

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Always consult with a doctor before making diet changes or starting new supplements.

This is my experience only, and there is no way to know if any of these things were actually helpful at reducing the risk. But having things to do helped me not worry about it as much. Basically I used research and anecdotal sources to make changes as a coping mechanism. The best news is my second baby is now nearly 9 months old and every food we have tried has been safe!

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What I Did During Pregnancy:
Pay attention to how foods make your body feel, avoid what makes you feel bad, and that might change at different points in pregnancy. Eat a varied diet, so you aren’t eating an excess of any one ingredient. Focus on whole foods instead of pre-packaged foods.
I took methyltetrahydrofolate or calcium folinate, no folic acid. I avoided folic acid in enriched food products also. Research shows a link between exposure to folic acid in utero and increased risk of food allergies (News Release)
I limited sources of antibiotics: conventional meat, dairy, wheat, corn, soy, blueberries, beets and more. Basically eating organic when I can. It’s not possible to avoid them completely unless you make everything yourself from scratch, so I just did what I could. I didn’t stress about diet. Just tried to eat whole foods, less processed. I ate lots fermented foods.
Hand soap in doctor’s offices and many public restrooms have triclosin, an antibiotic. So I carry liquid Castile soap in my purse and diaper bag.
I took a lot probiotics, more strains/variety is good (list below).
For any allergy symptoms, I took natural mast cell stabilizers.
After 20 weeks I aimed for 3,000mg/day of Omega 3s. My stomach couldn’t tolerate that much, so I just took as much as I could. (
Cut dairy and soy at 36 weeks. Those are the 2 most likely foods to be a problem via breastmilk. I kept taking Mutaflor and c butyricum until delivery. The amount of dairy/soy is tiny. Equal to less than one bite per week.
I used magnesium and prunes for pregnancy constipation, avoid prescriptions like Miralax or Colace.

Probiotics I Took (another post on probiotics here):
Culturelle was 10-40 billion CFU daily, then I took at least one other probiotic each day. Prescript Assist or Primal Soil, or Thorne research bacillus coagulans I took most days. That was it for weeks 6-12 when I had morning sickness. I took Seeking Health ProBiota Bifido twice a day before and after that. Eventually I had to stop taking it because the inulin bothered me, and I also had to switch to the inulin free version of Culturelle. At the end of pregnancy I took 2 Miyarisan alternating with 1 Mutaflor every other day. I took AOR-3 once or twice a week. Same for Prescript Assist and sacchromyeces boulardi. I took Align and Jarrow Ideal Bowel Support most days after the morning sickness was gone. I took GutPro, Innovix Labs broad spectrum, BioGaia Protectis, Great Dental Health, and MegaFlora. Femdophilus I mostly used internally. Then AO+Mist, a skin probiotic for the whole family.

So lots of different probiotics!

What I did for Labor and After birth:
I had GBS bactiurea, which was treated with IM penicillin at 37.5 weeks instead of IV ampicillin in labor.

I had an allergic reaction to the hormone shift of delivery with my oldest, so I was treated preventatively this time.

We declined eye ointment, and Hep B. Oral vitamin K was given instead of the injection. ( This is the only US product with the right concentration for the newborn dose:
Then you need a second product for the follow on doses:

Cord clamping was delayed for about 5 minutes, until the cord was white. Vernix was left on the skin. Only sterile saline wipes were used for diaper changes the first 24 hours. Then water wipes. ( First bath was delayed a couple weeks. No oil on the skin till 28 days or later (…/). We are only using natural diapers (will switch to cloth as soon as they fit), cotton clothing and bedding (mostly organic). We also gave Mutaflor for the first 5 days after birth (…/colonization-prophylaxis.html…)
We used AO+Mist on the skin from birth.

Digestive enzymes have been shown to help while breastfeeding. I started at 38 weeks, and stopped around a month after delivery. (…/Protoc…/Protocol24_English_120211.pdf)

For formula feeding, I had an extensively hydrolyzed and elemental formula available for use from birth if needed.

I also declined vaccines during pregnancy.

If this article is helpful to you, please share on your favorite network.

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