Simple No Cooking Blended Food for Feeding Tube-Nourish, Real Food Blends, Pouches

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I love giving my toddler blended food through her feeding tube, so she gets all the benefits of a nutritious and varied diet. But sometimes life gets busy and I need something fast, or we are traveling and don’t have access to a full kitchen. Also its a good idea to have something ready to go for any emergencies.

This is a simple recipe you can mix together with no blender and no cooking. Fish is the only Top 8 allergen in this recipe (with an option to include dairy). All of the ingredients used are made from whole food. Our daughter currently needs about 900 calories per day, so that’s what we aim for on average. When eating orally, most children and adults vary in their calorie intake, so some of our recipes are more, and some are less. Adjust the calories as needed for the individual being given the blended food. O-ring syringes work really well to push food in without getting stuck and spraying food everywhere. In addition, Squeasy Snackers are available in multiple sizes for no mess food storage on the go, and the O-ring syringes fit right in the spout.

Nourish-Salmon Recipe
400Functional Formularies Nourish
330Real Food Blends Salmon
90Serenity Kids Wild Caught Salmon
45Happy Baby Organic Green Beans, Pears & Spinach
45/372oz Prune Juice or 2oz Whole Cow Milk
01/4tsp Sea Salt
0Red Mineral Algae (if needed)
910/902Whole Recipe (prune/dairy)

Finally, make sure to account for your child’s hydration needs also. A 2oz water flush 30 minutes prior to giving a meal works well for our child. Then we do additional water at the end of each meal to flush the extension, and in between meals as needed to meet hydration goals.

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