The Story of why this Blog is called Defending Joy

One of my favorite bands is The Echoing Green. I really like their sound and lyrics. As I listened to their music years ago, song in particular that stood out to me was Defend Your Joy

I love the concept that so many things in life can steal our joy. So we have to fight to keep that joy. Dealing with the special needs and allergies of our oldest has been a difficult time. But along the way I have done many hours of research and found ways to help her. Sometimes that means therapy or medication, and sometimes it’s a supplement or a new safe food. Facebook groups of other moms facing the same struggles have always been a starting point for my research. For several years now I have been sharing high quality products and research studies in those groups. It brings me joy to help a struggling family in a small way. Now this blog and Facebook page are a way for me to reach a wider audience.

Here are the full lyrics to Defend Your Joy


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